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December 1, 2010
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As snow slowly fell from the morning sky, the school was bustling with Christmas spirit. Everyone in the building was either putting up decorations or passing out candy canes. It was truly a happy month for everyone...

...except for Tatsumaki.

He hated the holidays. He hates it when everyone is going crazy for one day of the year where some fat robber breaks into people's houses and leaves presents. It was all child's play to him. Everyone acts like little kids during this time of the year. But this year, he needed to suck it up and take all of it. He and Kyou have been dating for five weeks now, and he knew that he had to get her a gift. She would kick his ass if he didn't...


Kyou noticed the grimace on Tatsumaki's face as they put up a Christmas tree in the hallway.

"Tatsu, are you ok?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"You just seem to be so sad at this time of the year."


"It's nothing. I just, don't like how everyone goes nuts over Christmas, as all."
"How could you not be happy? Everyone's so cheerful."
"That's exactly what I hate."
"Oh, so you hate it when people are happy? You better be careful."
"Don't you remember the story about that old prick who hates Christmas? He gets visited by those ghosts that tell him not be so evil. What was he? A Scourge?"
"No, that's the Anti-Sonic. You mean Scrooge."
"Anyway, I don't believe in ghosts, nor do I believe in some green hedgehog."
"Fine, whatever. But when you go to Hell for all of your bad deeds, you're gonna regret it."

Kyou began sucking on a candy cane. Tatsumaki watched as her tongue wrapped around it.



Tatsumaki brushed his teeth. He couldn't believe how silly Kyou had acted that day.

Ghosts? Hedgehogs? What's next, Batman?

He gargled and spat.

This day has been one big joke to me.


As Tatsumaki lay soundly asleep, a green, spiky figure walked over to him. It pushed him twice.

"Oh, you want to get personal. C'mere, Kyou..."

The figure slapped his face. Tatsumaki awoke and jumped out of bed.

"What the hell?"
"Sup, douchebag."

Tatsumaki rubbed his eyes. He noticed the red sunglasses, the green shoes and the black flame jacket.

"No shit."
"But, you're not real. Besides, you got locked up in the No Zone in issue #197."
"Look, do you want me to explain the whole story about how I escaped, or do you want to know why I'm here?"
"Fair enough."
"Good. Now. You need to stop being a jerk and get your act together so your girlfriend wont kill you."
"Wait, are you the ghost of Christmas past, present or future?"
"Why should I listen to you? You're just a ghost. You cant hurt me."
"I woke you up with a slap, didn't I?"
"You have been warned, punk! My friends will come by later! FEAR ME!"

The figure suddenly exploded into a green cloud of smoke.

Ok, that was just weird. Some stupid dream. I need to go back to bed...

Just as Tatsumaki began to doze off, he heard a loud scream.

"Hello, friend!!"
"Damn it!"

Tatsumaki widened his eyes at what he saw. The next figure wore a dark cloak with red clouds, and an orange mask.

"You gotta be kidding. Tobi?"
"Yes! Tobi's a good boy!"
"For the love of crap, what is this, an anime convention?"

Tobi remembered his job.

"Ooooo, I am the ghost of the Christmas Present!"
"Don't you mean a Christmas Present?"
"Dooon't teeell Tobi how to dooo his joooob."
"Fine, what is it."
"IIIII'm going to shooow yooou whaaat's haaapening right nooooow."
"Sweet! Are you going to use the Back to the Past Jutsu? Or some ninja skill? Or-"

Tobi knocked out Tatsumaki with a brick.


Tatsumaki awoke.

"Where am I?"
"Aaaat Kyoooou's hooouse."
"Stop with the ghost accent, our writer's probably sick of typing it."
"Fine. This is what's going on at your girlfriends house."

The two looked into Kyou's window. Kyou and Ryou were sitting in their room.

"Can't sleep, huh?" Asked Kyou.
"Yeah, I'm just not sleepy at all."
"Oh. You know, I wish Tatsu would love Christmas as much as we do."
"Yeah, it must be hard for him to hate it so much."
"He's just so cute when he's happy. I really want him to have a good Christmas for once..."

Tobi chuckled.

"Ha! Now you see? You need to be more happy to please your girlfriend!"

He noticed that Tatsumaki was listening more on the conversation.

"Good. You're learning."

Kyou stood up.

"I need a shower. That will help me sleep."

Kyou began unbuttoning her pajamas.

"I like this dream." Tatsumaki said.
"Ok, times up!"

The two flew back to Tatsumaki's dorm.

"There. Are you ready to change?"
"I hate Christmas. Nothing's going to make me change that."
"Fine. My friends will have to make you change..."

Tobi disappeared. Before Tatsumkai went back to sleep, a red figure approached him. It punched his face.

"Ow! Now what?'

Tatsumaki stood up. He blushed.

"Yay, more Sonic Comic people."
"Just shut up. I'm the ghost of the past. We're going to see why your such a douche."
"By the way, why did you blush when you saw me?"
"I sort of had a crush on you when I was in 8th grade."
"I'm not even human."
"Can we just go, this is getting awkward."

The two flew to Tatsumaki's house.

"Where or when are we?"
"We're at your house, on December of 1997."

Tatsumaki's eyes widened at his house. It was engulfed in flames. He could feel the heat on his head.

"Why did you bring me here."
"This is why you hate Christimas. Your house burned downed on Christmas Eve. Your mother died, didn't she?"

Tatsumaki was in tears.

"Why did you bring me here? Just to make me see my mother's death over and over again?"
"You cant let this go on forever."
"I lost her. My whole life sucked for three years."

The two came back to Tatsumaki's dorm room. He noticed that Lara-su was gone.

"Why. Why am I tormented like this. WHY CAN'T I SLEEP!!"


Tatsumaki awoke.

"Wha? Where am I?"
"Tatsu! You were having a bad dream." Said Kyou.
"I was?"


"Kyou, I have seen the light. Christmas is the best time of the year!"
"What the hell?"
"I'm sorry for not being in the spirit. Please forgive me!"
"Ok, ok. How come your so happy right now?"
"Well, lets just say I had help. From some very special friends..."

Tatsumaki looked out his window. Up in the sky, he smiled at the friends who helped him. The friends saw too. Tobi waved with joy, Lara-su smiled. Scourge gave him the finger.

"You know what Tobi doesn't get?"
"Yes, Tobi?"
"Where's the ghost of Christmas Future?"
"Wait, you mean Master Chief is late?" Asked Scourge.
"Pretty much..."

Took me SO LONG to type this.
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ElectomasterMikoto Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
lol u brought Tobi
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Of course.
RedClover17 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
before i read this whats it about??
goodboy95 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Student Writer
It's a Clannad fanfic. Tatsumaki (the main dude and my OC) is dating Kyou (character from Clannad). This episode is basically a Christmas special with tons of crossovers.
RedClover17 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
yeah i just read it. nice job!
goodboy95 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010  Student Writer
Thank you.
RedClover17 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
WELK! so who's Christmas future?
goodboy95 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010  Student Writer
Master Chief. He was supposed to make an appearance, but I was tired of all the crossovers, so I referenced him a bit, and that was it.
RedClover17 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010
ok. again nice job!
goodboy95 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010  Student Writer
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